New device to relieve migraine pain: A reality

The first device to relieve pain caused by migraine headaches in people aged 18 years and older is now a reality. On the first quarter of 2014, the FDA has allowed marketing of the Cerena Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator (TMS; eNeura Therapeutics). The Cerena TMS is a prescription devise used after the onset of migraine pain.

How does it work?

Using both hands to hold the device against the back of the head, the user presses a button to increase a pulse of magnetic energy to stimulate the occipital cortex in the brain, which may stop or lessen the pain associated with migraine headaches.

How effective is?

The FDA reviewed a randomized controlled clinical trial of 201 patients who had mostly moderate to strong migraine headaches. The study showed that nearly 30% of participants who used the Cerena TMS when they had migraine pain were pain-free two hours after using the devise compared with a about 17% of patients in the control group. After 24 hours, nearly 34% of the users were pain-free compared with 10% in the control group.

Who is not a candidate?

Patients must not used the Cerena TMS device if they have metals in the head, neck or upper body that are attracted by a magnet, or if they have and active implanted medical device such as a pacemaker or deep brain stimulator.

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