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At Advanced Interventional Pain Consultants,  we work hard everyday to bring exceptional care to each and every patient.  Thank you for your recommendation.

You are strong, you are determined, you are a PAIN WARRIOR.
In 2018, we celebrate all those individuals who fight against their pain.
A PAIN WARRIOR is a person who is willing to do anything to get rid of pain and live to the fullest.
Thank you for trusting us with you care.
– Dr. Jaime Robledo

Cara Smith have had severe pain since the birth of her second daughter: “I’m a Pain Warrior because I take care of myself and accomplish my goals. I love Dr. Robledo because he has the patients best interests and really wants to help”.

Ms. Silvia Lagunes has been suffering from back pain for a long time: “I refuse to allow the pain rule my life! That’s why I’m a Pain Warrior! I recommend Dr. Robledo because he listens. Also, he has a great staff that truly care”.

Lorena Ibarra has been suffering from chronic neck pain since she fell a couple of years ago. She considers herself a pain warrior: “I refused to let pain dictate what I could and couldn’t do. I appreciate what Dr. Robledo did for me because he not only reduced my back pain but led me into a healing process that now allows me to continue doing what I love.”

Ms. Dehia Hamilton was born with Scoliosis, has Fibromyalgia, and Lupus: “I believe that if you put a smile on your face and keep moving forward, your pain won’t drag you down. That’s why I’m a Pain Warrior. Dr. Robledo has been wonderful to help with injections and medication”.

Ms. Lydia Paul has been suffering from Neuropathy since 2006: “Being in constant pain is devastating to the person having pain and for their family. I’m a Pain Warrior because I’m doing what I have to do to get rid of the pain. Now, I’m able to live my life almost pain free thanks to Dr. Robledo”.

Mr. Randy Bishop (low back and knee pain) considers himself a pain warrior: “Since I started with Dr. Robledo I improved my mobility and pain levels. I believe he’s very good at what he does and takes time to explain to me what the procedures will do to help”.

Ms. Shannon Schied has been suffering from abdominal pain: “After having 13 surgeries, I felt I have to adapt to it and kept myself together. That’s the reason I’m a pain warrior. Dr. Robledo takes time to listen and figure out the best course of action. Thanks to him, I rebuilt my strength.

Ms. Lil Mursuli considers herself a pain warrior: “I’m 75 years old and have many problems in my back. I hate it, but I’m following a treatment plan created by Dr. Robledo. He is a miracle doctor. Also, the people who work in the office are very nice, like family”.

Ms. Denny, from Katy, Tx., who suffers back pain since 1996, considers herself a Pain Warrior: “I work with Dr. Robledo to find a solution for my pain. He always listens. I would say to others pain warriors to focus on what you can do, not what you can’t”.

Mr. Phillips Debaker is fighting against back and neck pain, that’s why he consider himself a Pain Warrior: “Dr. Robledo greatly alleviated and reduced my pain levels. Come and see him to see how he can help you”.

Mr. Bouldwin has been a Pain Warrior since 1972. He suffers from pain in both knees: “Dr. Robledo is keeping me from so much pain. He talks and listens to people, that what why I recommend him”.

Ms. Barbara Lane is a pain warrior: “I have dealt with pain for 29 years in my mid-back and lower right back and I don’t let it stop me from doing things I want to do. Dr. Robledo has done many treatments to control my pain. He’s a great listener and understanding. Don’t suffer! There’s hope.”

Mr. Darin White is proud to be a pain warrior: “I choose to not give up and I don’t allowed the pain to dictate my life, that’s why I’m a pain warrior. I’ve been in pain for 4 years and now I’m waking almost pain free thanks to Dr.Robledo. He always seems to be concerned about his patients. I appreciate that!”

Ms. Judith Gonzalez is a pain warrior. She’s been living with pain for more than 10 years: “Control your pain is possible. I’m very positive, but also accept my difficulties. Dr. Robledo has been helping me a lot. I recommend him, he’s a great Doctor”.

Ms. Francis Pucket has low back pain. She is a pain warrior who has been dealing with pain for the longest time: “My Pain would be unbearable without Dr. Robledo’s treatment. His treatment allows me to live a normal, fulfilling life. He listens to his patients. Gives his full attention to you and I love his staff!”

Ms. Charlotte Webb has to deal with pain every day. She has Fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis.
She considers herself a pain warrior: “I refuse to sit and complain and I have pain ALL THE TIME. Dr. Robledo is helping me to accomplish my goals. He listens with concern and he is giving me the best possible treatment”.

San Juanita Monroig has been dealing with pain for the longest time: “After enduring a severe accident as a child, I have lived in pain, that was 30 years ago, that’s why I’m a pain warrior. Dr. Robledo made this pain tolerable. He has given me my smile back”.

Ms. Rose Bowser is one of our favorite pain warriors: “I have a husband and father that I am caregiver for. Not being able to stay active is not an option for me. I had hip and neck pain for the past 10 years. Dr. Robledo’s treatments have allowed me to enjoy life again. Please don’t feel that you have to live with pain. Pain management is a great alternative”.

Mr. Michael Segovia will me missed in the practice. Now he is pain-free: “I suffered from pain because a herniated disc for 5 years. I would say to other people with chronic conditions to come and see Dr. Robledo, because he cares and he knows. I’m a pain warrior because I pushed through my pain and now, I’m recovered 100%”

“I’ve had pain in back and hips for years and could not find a way to stop it. Dr. Robledo has always been willing to help.He has always taken TIME to understand what I’m saying. He cares for each patient”.

– Teri O’Malley (Katy, Tx.)

“I would recommend Dr. Robledo without any reservation. Doctor and staff are very respectful and professional”.

– Rosendo Ruiz (Lower back pain)

“Dr. Robledo is great at getting to the source of pain and treating it, not just medicating it”.

– Ann Floyd

“They are a good staff. They’re like friends and family”.

– Alfred Garcia Jr. (He has been Dr. Robledo’s patient for more than 6 years for back and neck pain)

“I’ve been suffering rheumatoid arthritis for a long time. I’ve been Dr. Robledo’s patient for more than 2 years. He’s very friendly, honest, and caring. He and his staff REALLY want to help you… I would recommend Dr. Robledo to my family and friends for sure”.

– Alesia Wallace (Katy, Tx.)

“Dr. Robledo is very thorough in locating the source of the pain. Everyone here cares about your health!”

– Pam Scarcella (Katy, Tx.)

“Dr. Robledo has allowed me be able to enjoy my life again. I would recommend him because I know patients will get world class treatment”.

– Duke Suarez

“He knows how to make pain GO AWAY”.

– Ms. Theresa Nguyen (Dr. Robledo’s patient for over a year)

“I would recommend Dr. Robledo because he actually puts patients first and he is very thorough on details on his testing. He goes ABOVE and BEYOND to help” – Mary Montou (Hip and Lower back pain)

-Mary Montou (Hip and Lower back pain)

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Robledo for 2 years due to a cyst on my sacrum. I like that he always offers multiple alternatives rather than just giving you narcotics right away”.

– Sara Hernández

“What I like the most about Dr. Robledo is how he takes time with patients. His method to treat pain has given me quality of life”.

– Michelle Coates

“I get treated really good and the pain has gotten better since start seen Dr. Robledo”.

-Jose Nieves

“I would truly recommend Dr. Robledo to anyone needing treatment for pain. I have NEVER once felt rushed when I see him. Staff care about patients and understand our situation”.

– Ms. Whitney Cowan (chronic back pain induced from a car accident)

“I recommend him for his great patient service and compassion”.

– Tommy Maness (He has been Dr. Robledo’s patient for 6 years)

Mr. Serrano recommends Dr. Robledo: “He is a good doctor that listens and takes good care of me and all patients. I’ve been his patient for 7 years”.

– Rosario Serrano

“Trust! That’s the main reason why I recommend Dr. Jaime Robledo” .

– Robert Townsend (Lower back pain)

“Dr. Robledo takes time to listen and explore other options to control pain besides only medications. I’ve been a patient here for 8 years”.

– Michele Vacca

“I’ve been Dr. Robledo’s patient for 3 years for back leg and foot pain. I can say that he LISTENS and takes time with you…”.

– Ms. Lillian Horkman (Livingston, Tx.)

“They know me, they respond to my questions and concerns. They are understanding and knowledgeable…”.

– LeAnn Hill from Sugarland, Tx. (Neck pan and headache)

“Dr. Robledo will help you find relief to improve your quality of life”.

– Kimberly Lakey (Neck & shoulder pain).

“From my personal experience, even though my syndrome has no cure (CRPS), he has been able to take care of me and provide some pain relief. So, if he hasn’t given up on me, I know he wouldn’t with anyone else. Something that’s special about Dr. Robledo is that he never stops looking for a cure for me and other CRPS patients. He’s definitely a great doctor 100% recommendable!”.

– Jenny Navarro

“He always takes his time to understand what his patients are going through and finds the best way to treat them”.

– Julie Stastny (Sealy, Tx.)

“I had pain for several years due to me falling out of my bathtub and fracturing back. I had 3 surgeries, since then, Dr. Robledo has been very patient, helpful and caring”.

– Ana Maria Ferrufino (Dr. Robledo’s patient since 2015)

“They are doctor and the staff is the best, very caring”.

– Kent Cox (He has been Dr. Robledo’s patient since he had a motorcycle accident)

“I’ve been suffering from back pain. I’ve been Dr. Robledo’s patient for more than one year. I can say that he has a great attitude, he’s caring and gives you a lot of options to help your pain”.

-Donna Sebesta (Katy, Tx.)

“Dr. Robledo is confident and knowledgeable and has a friendly staff. I have told several people to see him regarding any chronic pain…”.

– Dewey Spring (Patient since 2012)

“Dr. Robledo is very caring, thoughtful and spends as much time as needed with patients. The staff is very professional and treats everyone with care and kindness”.

– Alana Lowdermilk (She has been Dr. Robledo’s patient for almost 5 years for knee pain)

“I’m very nervous with doctors, but with Dr. Robledo I’m very comfortable. It’s easy to talk with”.

– Betty Reynolds (Brookshire, Tx.)

“Dr. Robledo gets to know you and your soul. You don’t feel rushed when you’re talking to him”.

– Dawn St. Germain (Nerve damaged)

“I would recommend Dr. Robledo because I have had excellent results in the treatment of my chronic pain(Crohn’s Disease). Scale 0 to 10, my pain is 0!”.
– Jose Perez

“What I like the most about Dr. Robledo is that he’s very understanding, courteous, and helpful. He always listens to you”.
– Beverly Sheryl (Back & Leg Pain)

“He listens to everything, always tries to help alleviate pain from areas not operable”.
– Bonnie Percely (Katy, Tx.)

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Dr. Robledo is Double Board Certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine by the American Board of Anesthesiology, and is Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He specializes in interventional pain management with a special interest in neuropathic pain conditions.

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